6 Outdoor Rugs Trends To Watch This Summer

With Summer finally starting to emerge, now is the ideal time to spruce up that outdoor space. There are 6 distinctive trends that have taken the rug world by storm which we will be discussing to find the most appropriate style and feel for your home from Rugs and Such

1. Black & White Rugs

Black and white create an effortlessly modern look while providing a beautiful contrast against greenery and accents of colour. This look is flexible allowing for multiple themes and furniture while never having to be swapped out.

2. Moroccan-Inspired Geometric Rugs

Moroccan-inspired rugs come in many variations however It creates an unarguably beautiful picture when you mix this appeal with geometric designs creating a very trendy and chic look.

3. Tropical Print Rugs

This trend is so popular that it appeared in clothing fashion too! Be bold and add some tropical flowers and leaves . The look is fun, fresh and beautiful.

4. Coastal Stripe Rugs

Bring the holiday vibe home with coastal décor, thick blue stripes induces a nautical look that can be made to look mature and light-hearted.

5. Neutral Area Rugs

Neutral colours such as tan, grey and ivory can still be bold by looking for rugs with a subtle pattern or weave for texture. The real advantage of neutral colours is that they create the illusion of a spacious area while still being a gorgeous addition to the space.

6. Modern meets Southwest Style Rugs

South-Western styles add a tough desert appeal to any outdoor space. The colours featured in this style range from saturated shades of orange and red to pastel tones making it a very flexible theme colour wise. With a touch of modern you can easily blend this style with your modern furniture.

Keep things vibrant and inviting this summer with the ideal outdoor area for entertaining. Find the perfect outdoor rug now available from Rugs & Such and bring renewed energy home this season.