Bold Cubist-Style Rugs

Add colour, geometry and design to your home with a Cubist-inspired rug from Rugs and Such. As a highly influential art movement from the early-20th-century, Cubism revolutionized the world of art at the time, and today we continue to admire this amazing movement by introducing Cubist-styled elements to our modern interiors.

Cubism has been considered the most influential art movement of the 20th century. Often characterized by simple forms, Cubism often involves breaking down shapes analytically into simplified geometric forms.

A great way to celebrate the beauty of Cubism in your interior is to introduce subtle Cubist-inspired elements to your design scheme. A rug is an ideal way to do this. Choose from a wide selection of colours and textures to enhance the Cubist-style we all love.

It’s all about simplicity in form. Bold cubic elements make up the perfect Cubist-inspired rug. Geometric shapes remind us about the basic forms behind each element and overall, a Cubist-inspired rug can function as a bold artwork and centerpiece of your room.

Take a look at some of these striking rugs and choose your own Cubist-inspired design to suit your home…

When it comes to rugs, we love the geometric influence that this movement lends to these furnishings. Bold, colourful shapes create interest and style. We also love the use of mixed fabrics and textures which enhance the look of a Cubist-inspired piece.