Rug trends in 2022!

Rug trends in 2022!

The last two years have brought humanity closer to their home offices than ever before. This has increased the focus on our intentions for décor and designs to lift our spirits and create innovative, creative spaces. Understanding that a rug can bring warmth, joy, and happiness to a space has impacted dramatically on our daily lives and the uptake in online shopping trends that will only increase during 2022.


The Tagine rug collection is made in Turkey from 100% Polyester and has a pile height of ½”, This rug is sure to brighten up any space in your home. Colours include Black, White, Grey. The primary colour is Black and White.

Like the Tagine rug collection, pictured above, the rug is machine woven in Turkey. Rug weaving was a traditional Anatolian cultural past-time, generating craft for young women. Now-a-days the art form has sky-rocketed into machine weaving. More durable, easier to clean and more readily available worldwide.

Understanding a new generation of adults, who are interested in transparency, authenticity and honesty has helped Rugs and Such to become more innovative and industrious. Close-up images, videos and superimposing the rug into photographs where possible is where we currently create a real tangible ‘look and feel’ while shopping online. With Augmented Reality in the pipelines, across the globe, we are eager to see our website grow.

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The Eco Southwestern rug collection is made in Turkey from 100% recycle space dyed Polyester and has a textured feel to it. This rug is sure to make you feel right at home with a pile height of ½”. Colours include Ivory, Grey, Light Brown, Rust Red, Light Blue. The primary colour is Ivory.


Rugs and Such is also a proud importer of Eco-Friendly rugs which are made of recycled materials to reduce waste and conserve energy! These rugs are just as luxurious, posh, and hard wearing as any other rugs whilst limiting the amount of raw material used. That’s a positive impact on our environment! Plus, these rugs are easy to clean.

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The Illusion Candy collection is vibrant, modern, and packed with hand-carved details. These 100% wool statement rugs add warmth, texture and colour to any room. The pile height is: 10mm. Colours include Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Coral, Grey. The primary colour is: Multi Colour.


Colour is imperative in a world desperate to be cheered up in any way possible. Textured natural materials, such as the Illusion collection, is made from 100% wool. Cocooning oneself indoors does not have to be lacking in style. Wool rugs are still very much in vogue.

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We wish all our customers a happy 2022 and hope to assist in your every need to brighten, soften, texturize, and warm your home – any space, any room!


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