Uni-Luxe Rug Pad

We know you’ll love any new rug you purchase from Rugs & Such!

However, adding a Uni-Luxe Rug Pad to you purchase could really make a huge difference, especially in this cold weather.

Maybe you’ll reconsider after reading these reasons we think our Uni-Luxe Rug Pads are an essential purchase with every new area rug.

1. Rug pads prevent slipping, buckling and wrinkling. The natural rubber backing of a Uni-Luxe pad keeps your rug firmly in place, preventing unsightly (and dangerous!) buckling.

2. Rug pads protect your floors. Many rugs have a rough backing that can scratch floors. Uni-Luxe pads provide an extra layer of protection and won’t damage your hardwoods!

3. Rugs last longer with rug pads. Friction can cause your rug to wear prematurely. Keeping it locked in place with a Uni-Luxe pad means your rug will look its best even longer!

4. Rug pads mean easier cleaning and vacuuming The extra layer provided by a Uni-Luxe pad promotes air circulation that prevents bacteria growth and minimizes friction when vacuuming!

5. Uni-Luxe rug pads offer superior comfort and sound absorption The plush felt-and-rubber construction of a Uni-Luxe pad is extra soft underfoot and adds extra insulation and sound absorption to your rug.

It’s not too late to get the best experience from your rug. Shop our Uni-Luxe pads now! Contact us via DM or e-mail us at: juan@rugsandsuch.co.za