After Albers Deep Rug 001

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This After Albers Deep Rug has a highly contemporary feel. This fascinating piece of floor art compliments both classic and modern interior settings alike. Colouring inspired by Josef Albers. Hand woven by artisan weavers; this harmonious area rug has a special sculptural quality. The overlapping wool colours, further replicates the effect of transparent colours interweaving together. Woven from variable pile heights, along with the canvas applied to the back of the rug, this rug makes for extremely efficient noise cancellation. The colouring of this unique piece of art was inspired from deep purples, warm oranges and crimson rectangles. Combined with hand carving, resulting in a luxurious sculptural texture. Woven from 100% New Zealand Wool, this rug is hard wearing, and makes it an easily washable designer rug which will leave anyone ‘Deeply Disturbed’ with Envy! Please note: Shipping costs may vary at time of quote request, and pricing will be adjusted if required.